We’re a team of experts in China based in Beijing

With over a decade of experience in international projects, we provide our clients with business consulting, factory outsourcing, assistance during international events, and linguistic solutions. Immersion in the local culture allows us to deliver first-class services with the following advantages:

  • Legal establishment in the country.
  • Face-to-face supervision in China throughout the year.
  • Communication in the three most widespread languages of the market: English, Chinese and Spanish.
  • Continuous development of social, cultural, political and commercial relationships with local counterparts in favor of your company.
  • Extensive savings by functioning as a local element of your enterprise.
  • Collaboration with logistics companies, law firms, government institutions, chambers of commerce, etc., to allow the stable development of your company.


Factory Outsourcing in China

We manage supply chain projects in China without intermediaries. Backed by more than ten years of experience in the country, our team evaluates, contacts and supervises suppliers, to guarantee seamless client/supplier communication through an efficient, expeditious and reliable control method.

Business Consulting

We encourage international cooperation by establishing strong links between Chinese and Western companies and institutions. Through effective intercultural communication we develop incursions of Western companies in Mainland China, as well as projects of Chinese companies with a global vision.

Translation and Interpreting

We provide interpretation, translation and localization services in the three most widespread languages ​​of the global market: English, Chinese and Spanish. We assist you during conferences, trainings, negotiations, cultural activities, etc., and produce high quality translations of documents, books, software applications and websites.

Fairs and Events

We assist you during your participation in international events held in China, such as trade fairs, political congresses, corporate trainings, cultural forums, artistic presentations, etc. We prepare your registration; assist you during the development of all activities and function as a contact point for your company in the country.


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