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Business Match / 业务配对

In only a few decades, China has become an internationally recognized economic powerhouse. Embracing this promising outlook, the number of foreign companies venturing into the Chinese market has multiplied exponentially.

Nevertheless, access to this market requires the development of stable relationships with a network of local partners, and the government institutions that supervise their commercial operations.

To help you navigate through such a challenging market, we provide your company with the following services:

  • Research of potential business partners.
  • Negotiation management.
  • Identification of supporting government institutions.
  • Maintenance of stable relationships with commercial partners and government institutions.

Business Agenda / 商务日程安排

For Chinese businessmen, face-to-face, personal interaction is the most respected collaboration model, and exceeds by far the practical efficiency of any legal contract signed by partners based on the other side of the world.

In order to help you to set the foundations of your enterprise in person, eliminating cultural gaps and ensuring the performance of your operations abroad, we establish a bridge of clear communication between you and your partner(s) in China. Our service includes:

  • Acquisition of basic information about your counterpart(s) in China.
  • Scheduling of business meetings.
  • Accommodation and transportation arrangements.
  • Welcome and send-off at the airport.
  • Personal support during negotiations with your business partners.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • English/Chinese/Spanish interpreting.
  • Organization of tours or visits to places of interest.

Project Management / 项目管理

The development of multinational projects in China requires the supervision of an experienced manager, capable of solving cultural, linguistic and technical challenges in the shortest time possible.

To this end, we provide you with multilingual assistance that delivers the high degree of effectiveness you need, by establishing a reliable control structure to manage complex and/or long-term projects in China. Our service includes:

  • Planning, execution and supervision of multicultural projects.
  • Contact with Western and Chinese companies participating in the project.
  • Communication in English/Chinese/Spanish.
  • Processing of operational permits.
  • Accommodation and transportation arrangements.
  • Welcome and send-off at the airport.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • Periodic reports.

Relocation to China / 搬迁到中国

To move into another country, to study or for work, whether alone or with family, involves facing a series of logistic, linguistic and cultural barriers that can consume much of your time, especially when the cultural gap between East and West plays a part in the matter.

To assist you during your relocation to China, we anticipate, alleviate and resolve all kind of difficult situations caused by communication problems or cultural differences. Our service includes:

  • Pre-arrival information and orientation.
  • Welcome at the airport.
  • Temporary accommodation and transportation arrangements.
  • Assistance finding long-term accommodation and during lease negotiations.
  • Mobile phone and SIM card shopping assistance.
  • Recommendation of sports, business or social activities.
  • Assistance in case of hospitalization.
  • 24/7 assistance.

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