Fairs and Events

International relations development

Fairs, Exhibitions and Events / 展览会与活动

Consolidated as the world’s second largest economy, China fosters cultural, commercial and political cooperation between nations through a wide range of specialized events that promote multicultural dialogue.

The majority of these take place in cosmopolitan cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong or Beijing, in environments that facilitate international exchange, with reception, transportation and accommodation services frequently provided in English by local hosts.

Still, cultural differences, limited English proficiency, or visits to less developed areas, can always create obstacles difficult to overcome. To help our clients surmount such obstacles with ease, we provide the following services:

  • Registration to events as a visitor/exhibitor.
  • Management of exhibition booths.
  • Management of samples imported for exhibition.
  • Organization of meetings with companies and institutions not present at the events.
  • English/Chinese/Spanish interpreting.
  • Hiring of assistants, hosts and models.
  • Accommodation and transportation arrangements.
  • Welcome and send-off at the airport.
  • 24/7 Assistance.
  • Organization of visits to touristic spots, historical sites or places of general interest.

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