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We’re a team of professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in China. We’ve acquired unique knowledge about the country by studying, living and working here continuously.

Our efforts allowed us to learn two essential skills for the successful development of projects related to China: command of the Mandarin language and understanding of Chinese people’s psychology.

We reduce cultural differences to their minimum expression through effective communication. We guarantee an intelligent and kind dialogue in favor of the development of win-win relationships.

Our services allow communication with local companies to achieve projects of international scope. In this way, you can get in direct contact with your interlocutors and carry out negotiations of a complex nature, with the confidence of having an expert assisting you at all times.

We offer commercial and cultural liaison services, project management, relocation to China, supply chain management, quality control, assistance during international events, and linguistic solutions in the three most widespread languages ​​of the global market: English, Chinese and Spanish.

Our Clients

  • We work with companies from:

    - Latin America
    - China
    - North America
    - Europe

  • In industries such as:

    - Automotive Industry
    - Oil Industry
    - Specialized Machinery
    - Instrumentation





A Word from Our Founder

Without a doubt, China has developed at an impressive rate over the last few decades. Such fast-paced economic growth, combined with the traditional nature of a 5,000 year-old civilization, makes cultural, political and commercial relations with the Red Dragon appear complex at first instance.

On the other hand, the East and the West share many ideals and objectives in common. These are ancient civilizations separated by geographic distance but united by noble principles such as fraternity among nations, pursuit of mutual development and respect for other cultures.

With the modern development of global communications and transportation, East and West are now closer than ever before. In consequence, it is by taking a human approach and through clear communication that projects of international nature will be carried out successfully, generating benefits to all parties involved.

Whether a Western company strives to enter the Chinese market, or a Chinese corporation desires to expand toward foreign horizons, the demanding dynamics of international business negotiations and cultural exchange represent a challenging obstacle to overcome without expert knowledge of the target market.

Aware of such demanding requirements, Lotus Consulting integrates more than a decade of experience in China and abroad, to offer exceptional solutions to our clients, up to the high standards of their companies and suitable to the multicultural environment where harmonious collaboration between nations is needed.

Lotus Consulting is born as a vibrant response to the challenge of international cooperation. We stand out as a dynamic bridge of development between China and the Western World. As such, let us work together toward new horizons. Connect with us, and connect your business to a world of possibilities.

Miguel Villanueva

Director – Lotus Consulting
Beijing, China. January 1, 2018

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