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Effective intercultural communication

English/Chinese/Spanish Translation / 中英西笔译

We offer professional language solutions in the three most widespread languages of the global market: English, Chinese and Spanish. Our specialized approach presents you with a reliable translation service.

More than ten years of experience allow us to translate highly specialized texts from industries such as international trade, energy, mining, pharmaceuticals, patents, heavy machinery, construction, IT, telecommunications, etc.

To provide your company with a competitive edge, our linguists exclusively translate to their native languages, responding to complex, time-critical requests with accurate results in very short turnaround times. Our translation services include:

  • Translation of technical documentation, patents, manuals, etc.
  • Translation of advertisement texts.
  • Software and website localization.

English/Chinese/Spanish Interpreting / 中英西口译

Effective communication is the key to success in business and the corporate world. Moreover, it is crucial for the development of a constructive dialogue with cultural and political institutions in China.

To achieve clear linguistic exchanges, we offer interpreting services complemented by a pragmatic angle that transcends cultural barriers in the three most widespread languages of the world: English, Chinese and Spanish.

In this way, we provide you with interpreting services for every occasion, such as business meetings, conferences, fair exhibitions, factory audits, cultural events, academic meetings, sports competitions, leisure trips, etc. Our services include:

  • Interpreting during business meetings or commercial activities.
  • Interpreting during cultural, political, sports or artistic events.
  • Medical interpreting in hospitals.

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